Five Things You Might Not Know About: Craig Hill

Five Things You Might Not Know About: Craig Hill

1: A born entertainer, this East Kilbride boy’s party piece at family dos was singing Stevie Wonder’s ‘Lately’. When his relatives tried to get him to go on local radio and sing the number, he went a bit shy and refused. Very hard to imagine a bashful Hill.

2: He describes it as a ‘terribly sad irony’ that he has no hair these days, given that he trained as a hairdresser. Blessed with naturally curly hair, he recalls leaving the house in the morning trying to look like The Cure’s Bob Smith only to resemble a windswept Shirley Bassey five minutes later.

3: Acting was Hill’s game early on and after completing a drama course at Queen Margaret College, he got some roles in panto, short films and in the Edinburgh Grassmarket Project’s Fringe show, Mad. Having made his mates guffaw for years, one of them secretly booked him a stand-up gig and a comedy career was ignited.

4: One of the short films he appeared in was 1998’s Lay of the Land, dubbed ‘a dark and emotionally chilling take on male sexuality and prejudice’.

5: Among the many compliments he’s been paid for his stand-up act, surely one of his favourites must be ‘better than an epidural’.

Highlight, Glasgow, Fri 2 & Sat 3, Fri 9 & Sat 10 Apr.

Craig Hill - 40 Love?

Cheeky, irreverent and, of course, wonderfully camp, Hill's hilarious blend of stand-up and musical comedy has earned him rave reviews.

Famous for Comedy

Susan Calman and Craig Hill are adorning the stage this weekend, with help from Bennett Aaron and Johnny Candon. Dancing until the wee hours after the comedy.

Famous for Comedy

Craig Hill returns this weekend with Michael Smiley and the magical Mandy Knight. Dancydancy at Club-Risa after the show.

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