New York's Danny Krivit guests at Melting Pot's Easter Weekender

New York's Danny Krivit guests at Melting Pot's Easter Weekender

Melting Pot: so good it’s taking over the weekend. After a successful bank holiday double-header last year, the underground disco night will be repeating the trick this Easter. On Saturday they’re joined by DJs from the city’s Dance! Dance! Dance! night to pay tribute to the sound of New York’s legendary disco club the Paradise Garage, and particularly its most renowned DJ, the late Larry Levan. Then on Sunday their special guest is Danny Krivit, one-time guest at the Paradise Garage and other famous NY venues like the Loft and the Roxy.

‘Paradise Garage was open from 77-87,’ says Melting Pot’s promoter and resident DJ Andrew Pirie, ‘so its playlist covered a lot of disco and proto-house. We try to emulate Larry Levan’s anything-goes style ourselves, to mix up old and new, to not play what’s expected of us, to take risks. I think that’s advice all clubs should pay attention to.’

While Melting Pot’s banner sound is disco, its playlist includes everything that’s been influenced by the disco era in the decades since. ‘For a long time, people have been a slave to the 4/4 beat,’ says Pirie. ‘Dance music plateaued and was afraid to change tempo, but recently that’s changed and people aren’t afraid to hear lots of different styles in one night. That’s what we’re looking forward to from Danny, a guy who has something like 50,000 records in his collection: vocal house, disco classics, the odd techno record mixed in really well. The proper New York sound, in other words.’

Admiral Bar Basement, Glasgow, Sat 2 & Sun 3 Apr.

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