Rapture, The

Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Thu 12 Oct


Punk funk: remember that one? It was a little bit new wave, but quite post punk. Well, more post-post-punk. But pre-new rave.

Such is the way the musical terminology merry-go-round rapidly spins (largely care of the people at NME), and on it again are The Rapture. Having already headed up the former, they now strangely find themselves wrapped up in the latter ‘movement’.

Such pigeon holing hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing for the New York four piece. Out of the loop for some time since 2003’s critically lauded debut album Echoes, it would have been easy to envisage them returning only to find their mix of scratchy guitars and four-to-the-floor rhythms declared officially ‘so last year.’

Back in vogue however, especially when in combination with glow sticks, whistles and various other forms of useful-for-waving-around-in-euphoric-drug-induced-haze style paraphernalia, the timing has worked out nicely; well enough to give new LP Pieces of the People We Love, and first single ‘Get Myself Into It’ an unexpected boost into the mainstream.

Such bracketing does betray the fantastic individuality of a band who at first not only essentially created their genre (try imagining Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party et al without The Rapture preceding them), but have also managed to shape it into something new by inviting even more infectiously danceable disco beats and a refreshingly fun outlook to the party.

They’re still banging that darn cowbell though, so maybe for the moment ‘new-rave’ will do. A genre which, by the time you’ve finished reading this, will probably be a bit old anyway.

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