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  • 30 March 2010
Katie Price and Alex Reid

Alex Reid and Katie Price

Alex Reid insists he isn't worried after wife Katie Price accidentally referred to him by the name of her ex-husband Peter Andre last week

Alex Reid doesn't mind his wife calling him by her ex-husband's name.

The cage fighter insists he is still comfortable in his relationship with Katie Price, despite her accidentally calling him Pete - the name of her former spouse Peter Andre - in a recent UK TV interview.

Alex said: "When Katie said, 'Me and Pete' on 'This Morning', I didn't have a problem with it at all. Slip-ups happen. I've called ex-girlfriends the wrong name before, or I've called Katie my girlfriend when she's my wife.

"She was talking about Pete just before, so it is ridiculous to make a big deal of it. I do get jealous - I'm human - but that moment hasn't made me insecure in the slightest. I know how strong we are as a couple."

Despite making appearances on Katie's reality TV show 'What Katie Did Next', Alex claims he is happy leading his life out of the spotlight and doesn't want to play a big part in the fly-on-the-wall show.

He added in his column for Britain's Star magazine: "It's the last 'What Katie Did Next' show this week. Filming isn't stopping though - there's no break from the cameras! I doubt it's going to be called 'What Katie And Alex Did Next' when it returns, though. I let Katie have her moment with that. I don't try to be on the camera. I'm happy to let her do her thing."

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