Heather Mills accused of 'humiliating' nanny

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  • 30 March 2010
Heather Mills

Heather Mills accused of 'humiliating' nanny

Heather Mills' ex-nanny, Sara Trumble, claims she was forced out of her job because the ex-model treated her in a ''humiliating and demeaning'' way

Heather Mills' ex-nanny claims she was forced out of her job after the ex-model made her life a misery.

At an employment tribunal that took place yesterday (29.03.10) in Ashford, Kent, Sara Trumble said Heather treated her in a "humiliating and demeaning" way and has a "distrustable and unpleasant" side.

Sara, 26, finally quit the £6.50-an-hour job as nanny to Heather's daughter Beatrice - her child with ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney - after she was replaced and given cleaning duties.

She is suing her former employer for constructive dismissal and sexual discrimination, saying she had no choice but to resign after Heather got angry with her on several occasions while she was enduring a difficult pregnancy and made her go on trips abroad despite her condition.

Sara said: "She wasn't sympathetic or supportive. There was an unpleasant side to her. I was sidelined."

The former nanny added that while she was on maternity leave at the end of 2007, Heather called and left her a "rude message" asking when she would return to work.

She said: "It was a really horrible, rude message, and it reduced me to tears."

Sara also told how her employer had called her to her house in order to record a video interview praising her.

Sara continued: "I was asked to tell them how wonderful I thought Heather was. She orchestrated it all and I felt I had no option but to take part."

The ex-nanny - who originally started working as Beatrice's nanny for Heather and Paul in 2004, when they were still married, and was kept on when they split in 2006 - was described as "trustful and reliable" in a reference written by former Beatle Paul.

Former nanny Sara claims her relationship with Heather started off well and she is sad to be bringing proceedings against her, as she saw her as "a friend".

Heather had even bought Sara a car in reward for her loyalty.

The hearing continues.


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