Five reasons to go see: Airbourne

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  • 29 March 2010
Five reasons to go see: Airbourne

1: They supply the ultimate party soundtrack
‘Hard hitting, sweat soaked, fist-thumping rock’n’roll,’ explains guitarist David Roads, ‘just very loud and very hard, foot-stomping kind of music for a good time.’

2: They sound a bit like AC/DC
‘It is a great honour to be compared to one of the greatest rock bands out there.’

3: They honed their skills in Aussie biker bars
‘Warnambool’s a real hard drinking town, like a lot of Aussie towns. We had the local pub, The Criterion Hotel, and biker gangs would stop for a few beers. That was a pretty rough pub to play, if you were shit you got bottles thrown at you, if you were good you didn’t get bottles thrown at you.’

4: They wrote their new album No Guts No Glory in the pub
‘There’s a lot of sweat and rock’n’roll blood in the carpet of that pub [the aforementioned Criterion Hotel] but it was definitely a good atmosphere to write in. It’s closed down now but we put a keg in so we could relive the dream of having a beer at the bar, then we headed to Chicago to record it.’

5: And slept in the studio while they recorded it
‘We didn’t want to drive to the studio every day because we thought it would be crap – as it’s the wrong side of the road in America – so we just camped in the studio. I slept in the amp room – you’re always in the zone.’

Airbourne, HMV Picture House, Edinburgh, Mon 5 Apr; O2 Academy, Glasgow, Tue 6 Apr.

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