King Creosote - My Third Bit of Strange in 14 Years (5 stars)

King Creosote - My Third Bit of Strange in 14 Years

Imagine that you’re here beside me. We’re flanked by people crying quietly. At the front of the room is a modest man singing exquisite songs, re-evaluating pop, and infiltrating rock mythology.
It is Anstruther, noon, the 13th of March. This is not your regular album. King Creosote – Kenny Anderson – is upturning aural consumption via My Nth Bit of Strange in Umpteen Years: an unreleased, brand-new, live-only album that audience members must tape and may circulate freely. This is the third intimate performance in an ongoing – and evolving – series. We know it will be special from the prior recordings we’ve heard online (just search the Fence website); and because it’s taking place at Anderson’s treasured festival, Homegame.

We don’t anticipate, however, our pre-show nerves, the pin-drop tension, or the sense of responsibility we bear as witnesses, chroniclers, participants. We don’t clap between songs. We try not to cough. We smile and dry our eyes in silence. The room is enkindled by canny visuals, a vintage KC backing rabble, and a spontaneous harmonica cameo from an attendant Bluebell. Experiencing these acoustic arias and homespun odes to love and hope as they were intended is a revelation. As is the understanding that we will never be here again.

At least we have our souvenirs: the songs in our ears; the tapes in our hands; the oscillation in our hearts. And the ‘Fence blend’ whisky miniatures that commemorate something so precious they bottled it: welcoming, potent, mesmerising. Warm as home and bright as sunshine.

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