Travis & Fripp - Live At Coventry Cathedral (4 stars)

Travis & Fripp - Live At Coventry Cathedral


Guitar legend Robert Fripp and jazz saxophonist Theo Travis explore an intricate and atmospheric soundscape on this live set, the last of four UK dates they played in May 2009. The duo recorded a well received studio album, Thread, in 2008, and push forward their improvised explorations on this evocative set. Travis’s looping, floating melody lines on alto flute or soprano saxophone (but not his familiar tenor, set aside for this collaboration) interweave in subtle fashion with Fripp’s idiosyncratic guitar work, intermingled with delicate shifting electronics.

You will gather that you should not approach this album expecting a rocking – or swinging – in-your-face experience. It is quiet, resourceful music that requires (and repays) attention to tease out the intimate detail and buried nuances the two musicians weave into their on-the-spot creations. If it is to your taste, more concerts from the tour can be downloaded from

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