Woodpigeon - Die Stadt Muzikanten (4 stars)

Woodpigeon - Die Stadt Muzikanten

(End of the Road)

An agrarian folk troupe with a penchant for alt-rock, Woodpigeon are a loose collective fronted by Calgary-via-Edinburgh harmonist Mark Hamilton.

Their abundant third long-player is a complex, picturesque tapestry of pirate tales, half-remembered fables and fertile, orchestral serenades. It variously recollects Sufjan Stevens fronting The Arcade Fire (‘The Street Noise Gives You Away’) and Hamilton’s bygone cohorts Eagleowl, who star on chamber-pop lullaby ‘Strength in Numbers’.

The Teenage Fanclub revelry of ‘My Denial in Argyle’ and the jangling hosanna of ‘Morningside’ speak volumes: Hamilton’s roots are in Austria, and his home is in Canada, but his heart belongs to Scotland.

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