Woodenbox With a Fistful Of Fivers - Home And The Wild Hunt (4 stars)

Woodenbox With a Fistful Of Fivers - Home And The Wild Hunt

(Electric Honey)

Is it me, or does every fresh-faced Scots act have to sound like patter-merchant, Paolo Nutini? Woodenbox (aka singer-songwriter, Ali Downer) and the Spaghetti Western-monikered Fistful of Fivers at least sound as if they’re having as much fun. Whether all their raucousness registers with the listener, well, it seems it does, judging by the response the flourishing Edinburgh-based sextet are receiving via nationwide shows.

Taking reference from soulful folk legends, The Band (enhanced by Van Mo’s horn section), Woodenbox and co carry that weight by scintillating numbers such as ‘Heart Attack’, the single ‘Draw The Line’, ‘Hang The Noose’ and ‘Besides The Point’.


1. CY7 Feb 2012, 5:29pm Report

I think this was a refreshing album from a little-known band, far from 'fresh-faced,' I think the band have the presence and sound of a group that are established and compliment each other.

The only similarity to Paolo Nutella is their Scottish roots.

Fantastic, just a shame the album hasn't had more exposure.

Great live band, humble guys and a unique sound.

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