MGMT - Congratulations (4 stars)

MGMT - Congratulations


Two years after their debut Oracular Spectacular, Brooklyn electro-psych duo MGMT’s eagerly anticipated follow-up resembles a different band at first. The opening ‘It’s Working’ sounds like Johnny Marr working with Syd Barrett, while ‘Song for Dan Treacy’ comes across like a Libertines outtake using early Horrors organ sounds. These, the relatively urgent Flaming Lips-style pop choral ‘Flash Delirium’ and the madcap psychedelic charge of ‘Brian Eno’ are the standouts from an album which won’t have any big singles, but they work best as one with the songs around them anyway, a gloriously blissed-out mesh of 70s love like the preposterously named instrumental ‘Lady Dada’s Nightmare’. Congratulations may not be quite as instantly loveable as MGMT’s debut, but it’s still a brave and diverse album of impressive ambition.

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