Chungking (4 stars)


Stay up Forever (Ecstatic Peace, Kill Rock Stars, -5RC, Three Lobed)


Sean and Jessie have produced a slick, chic, dirty and danceable reason to stay up all night. It makes you think of Goldfrapp but with that little-bit-to-the-left. Each track dares to celebrate how the best pop need not be obvious in order to hook. The intimacy of this album makes it hard to believe it was recorded in a room above Mad Frankie Fraser’s pub in Brighton; a three-week studio job became two years’ home recording, concentrating on shared instincts. The flair for songwriting and the sheer beauty of Jessie’s voice are constant qualities. Ballads such as ‘Beautiful Inside’ and ‘Sorry’ are sexy numbers to have on your jukebox.

(Katherine Adam)

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