Megson (3 stars)


Smoke of Home (EDJ Records)


Megson are the duo of Stu Hanna and Debbie Palmer. They hail originally from Teesside, and have been picking up a fair bit of favourable notice on the acoustic folk/roots circuit over the past couple of years, although songs such as ‘Fell to the Breeze’ would cross over comfortably to a more pop-oriented audience as well. This is their second album, and provides a showcase not only for their atmospheric singing (especially Palmer) and playing, but also for their songwriting.

They draw on three traditional songs alongside their own material, and blur the boundaries in the case of three numbers that sound very like traditional material, but are actually their own original songs in the mould of traditional tales of murder, revenge and ghostly happenings. Their writing is still developing, but this is a strong set of songs that augers well for further development.

(Kenny Mathieson)

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