Zixiao Chang: Endless Sky (3 stars)

Zixiao Chang: Endless Sky

Former ECA Masters graduate Chang's large-scale screen prints, currently on display at Edinburgh Printmakers, are a feast for the eyes. The eight pieces depict heavy skies, airy spaces and light rain expertly processed with translucent printing inks.

Of her own work, Chang says: ‘I've created a set of prints that utilise line, texture and tone to reflect my emotional journey and to explore spaces both imaginary and rooted in the physical world around me. They piece together parts of this highly evolving world as it feels to me.’

Stand out work includes the title piece, whose lone figures occupy a brightly coloured expanse of world in direct contrast with their surroundings. Also of note is the subtle 'A Light Rain', where tiny droplets form tracks across the delicately printed surface. Whether the skies are heavy with cloud, or bright and full of promise at the end of the rainbow, it is clear that here is an artist to watch. Perhaps a larger showcase would be of benefit so that the viewer might get the full impact of the beautiful world that Zixiao Chang has created.

Edinburgh Printmakers, until Tue 27 Apr

Endless Sky

  • 3 stars

A series of prints by Zixiao Chang created at the Printmakers Gallery in 2010.

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