Glasgow Vs Edinburgh: Comments

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  • 22 April 2010
Glasgow Vs Edinburgh: Comments

Glasgow School of Art

Residents from both cities have been battling it out on The List’s messageboards over the past fortnight, giving reasons for their preferences. Here are just a few of the best. See the rest online at


Only good thing that ever happened to me in Embra was that a huge seagull shat square on my head while I was sitting in Princes St Gardens, trying to look sofisto in my business suit, delicately nibbling at my horrendously expensive lunchtime sandwich purchased at a local deli/eatery type place. Go into Glasgow town any night – you’ll start off just wi’ a pint, or a glass of wine for the ladies – then get chatting. Next thing you’ll be at a great gig, followed by either a tasty kebab or a quality supper (I don’t mean fish ‘n’ chips, although that is an option) at the likes of Sloan’s. Great people. Great toon. No comparison.
Gilly, Glasgow

Because Kelvin Hall has a bulletin board in the lobby that reads ‘Kelvin Hall: Past and Present’. The ‘Past’ shows photos and stories from the 20s and 30s. All the photos from the ‘Present’ side are from the 70s and 80s. Lazy? Most definitely. But also very charming.
L100, Glasgow

Glasgow is a city-state, Edinburgh is an international cultural capital. The former has much in common with Liverpool in that its citizens tend to think it’s the best place in the world and as such they and their kind are the earth’s finest examples of humanity. Having lived there for five years I decided to politely agree with them and left them to it. Edinburgh was never so revolting and, on a clear day, is just way prettier.
Parish, Edinburgh

I was firmly and vocally in the Glasgow camp until three days ago when my boyfriend proposed to me against Edinburgh’s beautiful skyline. Now I’m wandering around dreaming of Georgian townhouses and castles and couldn’t give a toss about the edgy cultural scene.
Turncoat, Glasgow

There’s still time to post your comments at The best comment from each city will receive a prize. In Glasgow, a pair of tickets to any April gig at the O2 ABC or O2 Academy, a two-course meal for two and tickets to Raspberry at The Tron and free entry to Death Disco at the Arches. In Edinburgh, two tickets to The Cherry Orchard at the Royal Lyceum, dinner for two at either L’escargot Bleu or L’escargot Blanc and £20 worth of gift vouchers for The Elephant House.

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