Lethal Bizzle (4 stars)


Back to Bizznizz (V2)


The ailing Grime scene too often forgets that it was spawned from dance music, not hip hop, with many MCs eschewing potential club hits in favour of brainless trigger talk. Lethal Bizzle, on the other hand, could almost be accused of cynicism in his search for commercial success, with guest appearances from Kate Nash and Pete Doherty present to lure in the indie demographic. Shrewd marketing aside, Back to Bizznizz is by far his best album to date. Songs like ‘Bizzle Bizzle’ and ‘Mr’ may be crude but few can currently match Maxwell Ansah’s ear for a tune with bite. You just hope that it’s received well enough for the pointless Mr Doherty to be jettisoned in time for the next one.

(Miles Johnson)

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