Errors (4 stars)


Tolbooth, Stirling, Fri 19 Mar 2010

‘What’s that? You want us to play Oasis’ 'I Am the Walrus'?’ Oh dear. And so, some mouthy Stirlingite did confirm the preconceptions of those from the Central Belt’s other cities regarding what constitutes modern music here. Okay, that’s harsh. But the feeling was that Errors faced an uphill battle to win the crowd over before their party bangers came out later in the set.

Still, you can hardly blame them for being eclectic. The quartet (Simon Ward, Stephen Livingstone, Greg Paterson and James Hamilton) have won increased recognition for their new album, Come Down With Me, but it’s refreshingly hard to pigeonhole them. Here they looked like twee Glaswegian indie boys but played like Can, their brusque, clattering rhythms smoothed down into something more melodic (‘Beards’), or like LCD Soundsystem gone rave (‘Salut France’), or an electro version of their Rock Action paymasters, Mogwai (‘Mr Milk’). The guy up the front didn’t get his Oasis, but after a dancefloor-ready closing double of ‘A Rumour in Africa’ and ‘Pump’ he was trying to make his way onstage for a kiss from the band. Approval achieved, in other words.


  • 4 stars

Stirling's new music night, this month featuring Glasgow indie-electronica four-piece Errors, who are signed to Mogwai's Rock Action Records label.

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