Exposure: Bear in Heaven

Exposure: Bear in Heaven

Our Bear, who art in Heaven: hallowed be thy epic space-pop, thy divine psychedelia, thy dense electro, thy mammoth kraut-rock. Fortified with a reverent live persuasion and an excellent second album, Beast Rest Forth Mouth (Hometapes), it is little wonder that this Brooklyn three-piece amass disciples wherever they roam.

Can you please introduce the band?
‘I’m Jon, I spend a lot of time at a synth or computer [or singing], and making sure our stuff doesn’t get stolen. Joe’s our drummer: he has an insane memory. Adam’s our guitarist: he knows 25 percent of America’s population, and has an endless power to rally against the odds.’ (Keyboardist Sadek Bazaraa – pictured above – also played on the album but won’t join them on tour).

What’s that racket – are you in a wind tunnel?
‘I’m in the back of a van, driving through west Texas [they’re great hopes at this year’s SXSW]. It’s dark.’

What cultural and edible diversions will you pack for your imminent UK tour?
‘Vladimir Nabokov’s The Gift. We’ll bring a camera along and make our own videos. Also, corn chips, fruit and tequila.’

Is it fair to say Faust rule your record collection?
‘Obviously, but so does [minimalist pioneer] Bernhard Günter: that might be more surprising.’

If Bear in Heaven was a painting, what would it look like?
‘It would look like a Magic Eye poster. When you stared at it long enough you’d see an image of yourself staring at a Magic Eye poster, with a wizard in it.’

Bear In Heaven, Visions Of Trees, Chad Valley

Award-winning Brooklyn-based psychedelic-rock four-piece.