Greco-Roman Soundsystem set for Hinterland 2010

Greco-Roman Soundsystem set for Hinterland 2010

Returning for its second annual installment, the Glasgow-based single ticket festival Hinterland has wisely scaled operations down a little this year. Focused around the Arches, the Sub Club and smaller venues like MacSorley’s and the Admiral, the one-day event promises a higher audience concentration at each site for headliners like Mystery Jets, British Sea Power and Jeffrey Lewis. Yet the list of 30 artists announced so far is also healthily diverse.

Part of the Arches’ late-night programme includes the Greco-Roman Soundsystem, the touring wing of the four-man London party collective and electronic label Greco-Roman. Founded four years ago by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and Alex ‘Full Nelson / Half Nelson’ Waldron, Greco-Roman is described as a ‘labour of love’ by the latter. ‘We all have day jobs, so we can only hold parties infrequently or release a record when the right one comes along,’ says Waldron, a Berlin-based A&R man for XL Recordings. ‘We’d release more than one every nine months if this was our main thing.’

This infrequent approach has seen GR’s four-monthly parties in non-club venues around London and Berlin build a buzz, while the label enjoys a fierce reputation among fans of youthful, rave focused sounds: their artists include Buraka Som Sistema, Drums of Death and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, the latter of whom will be appearing live here alongside DJs Waldron and Goddard. ‘We always have something live at a Greco-Roman show,’ says Waldron. ‘We just hate stern and boring DJ parties, you know? There has to be something visual, something exciting. And something that can go wrong, I think that’s just as important.’

See for the full Hinterland line-up.

Hinterland at the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 3 Apr


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The music festival returns to venues across the city with Mystery Jets, British Sea Power, Jeffrey Lewis, Friendly Fires (DJ set), Joe Goddard Hot Chip (DJ set), Hot Club de Paris, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Fenech Soler, Johnny Foreigner, French Wives, Ambulances, Kitty the Lion, Midnight Lion, Make Sparks…

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