Reverend and the Makers


Tomorrow’s music today. This issue: Reverend and the Makers

Ex-call centre worker Jon McClure, all Gallagher swagger and Mike Skinner rhymes, wants his indie funk to make people think - and dance. The band’s single, ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’, is currently all over radio and TV. We chatted to him during a fag break.

Your song’s about escaping the rat race. Have you?
Totally. This job’s a proper toss-off innit? People shouldn’t settle for second best. The world needs more people making a stand and saying: ‘I’m not having this.’ I hope all the people who told me to ‘get a proper job’ are eating their words now.

You’ve toured with the Arctic Monkeys and written songs for them. How did you become friends with Alex Turner?
We met on a bus six years ago. He liked my music, so I asked him to join my band. Journalists talk about the Sheffield music scene, and there isn’t really one. There’s healthy competition but we’re completely separate. Alex does guitar music; I do electronic stuff.

Your song’s about unfulfilled ambitions. Still got any?
Four A&R guys offered me record deals to copy the Arctic Monkeys’ formula. I refused. My ambition is to make people question things. I’ve achieved my goal. People come up and tell me they jacked their bullshit job or went travelling after hearing the song.

Is it true you fancy Carol Smillie?
I’ve got a massive crush on her! She’s a sexy woman. A bit of a Milf. Our drummer used to live on her road and saw her in her garden in a bikini. I would have exploded.

(Claire Sawers)

Reverend and the Makers play King Tut’s, Glasgow, Monday 23 July.

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