Kelly Osbourne gets doggy injury

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  • 23 March 2010
Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne gets doggy injury

Kelly Osbourne has revealed on her twitter page that she has fractured her elbow trying to get her mother Sharon's dogs to stop fighting during a visit home at the weekend

Kelly Osbourne fractured her elbow trying to get her mother Sharon's dogs to stop fighting.

The 25-year-old beauty was at her parents' house at the weekend when she got involved in the pampered pooches' dispute and paid the price with a trip to the hospital.

Kelly - whose dad is rocker Ozzy Osbourne - tweeted: "I fractured my elbow this weekend... To cut a long story short I was trying to stop the dogs from fighting at my mums and managed to fracture my radial head! :( (sic)"

The TV star admits the injury is causing her a lot of distress and she can't believe how much it hurts.

In another twitter posting, she wrote: "It is hands down the most painful injury I have ever had!"

Sharon, 57, has 11 dogs including her beloved Pomeranian Minnie, British Bulldog Lola, Japanese Chin Maggie and the newest member of the canine family, Boxer Pearl.

This is not the first time Kelly has taken to her twitter page to tell the world about an injury.

While competing on last year's series of US show 'Dancing with the Stars' she posted a picture of her bunion-ravaged foot on the micro-blogging website.

Kelly - who has suffered from bunions, a deformity of the bone and joint which affects the big toe and can be extremely painful, for several years - tweeted at the time: "I have flat feet and somewhere in the 25 years of my life, I tore the cartilage in my bunions in both feet. They asked me to have surgery. I said no, I didn't want to have it because I believe if you start cutting things, you have a whole new set of problems and it wasn't that bad. My doctor said, 'Told you so, told you so. You wouldn't be feeling this if you'd had the surgery.' "

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