Katherine Heigl embarrassed by Ashton

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  • 23 March 2010
Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl embarrassed by Ashton

Katherine Heigl admits Ashton Kutcher left her feeling ''uncomfortable'' when he made her watch one of his films in which he climaxes regularly

Katherine Heigl felt "uncomfortable" around Ashton Kutcher because she had seen what he looks like when he orgasms.

The actress co-stars in new movie 'Killers' with Ashton and during shooting the actor gave Katherine a copy of his indie film 'Kutcher in Spread', in which he is involved in many sex scenes, leaving her feeling highly embarrassed.

She told E!: "He gave me the movie to watch. I watched it one day during lunch, but when I went back to work, I was like, 'I don't know if I could look at you right now. I know you far too intimately and I'm really uncomfortable. I've seen your O-face!' "

However, Katherine soon got over her embarrassment and loved working with the Hollywood heartthrob - who is married to Demi Moore - especially during the kissing scenes.

She said: "He is stupid hot. It's ridiculous. Even his hands are beautiful. His kissing is unbelievable. Could you imagine if he sucked? I would have slapped him."

In the romantic comedy, Katherine - who raises an adopted daughter, Naleigh, with husband Josh Kelley - and Ashton play two lovers who are hunted down by assassins and the pair get intimate in many scenes.

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