Dirty Projectors (4 stars)

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sat 30 Jun


Brooklyn-based Yale dropout Dave Longstreth is an odd fellow. The fact that he once wrote an entire concept album based around the life of Eagles singer/drummer Don Henley provides pretty decent proof of that. He’s currently working under the moniker Dirty Projectors, in cahoots with guitarist Amber Coffman, bassist Angel Deradoorian and drummer Brian Mcomber, and such overt weirdness is really starting to take him places. This show marked their arrival in Scotland as part of their first European tour.

They’re at once strikingly original. Broad comparisons to Frank Zappa might be relevant for the psuedo-operatic swooping vocals and use of weird, jazzy time signatures. Longstreth’s guitar playing is unlike pretty much any you’ve heard though, as he teases out skewed, discordant melodies that seem to incorporate just about every note but the right ones, while still sounding great for it. Coupled with Mcomber’s crashing beats and Coffman and Deradoorian’s sugary sweet harmonies, they form the spine of some fascinatingly twisted experimental pop tunes. Henley would hate them, so they’re definitely doing something right.

(Malcolm Jack)

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