Exposure: Cast of the Capital

Exposure: Cast of the Capital

Cast of the Capital - Comiston Springs

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Aberdeen lies beyond the outskirts of Scottish music’s epicentre, but Cast Of The Capital don’t really care. The band, named in renowned Scottish radio DJ Vic Galloway’s top 50 Scottish acts of 2010 list, may be based in the Granite City but regular forays to Scotland’s more southern cities have seen them further establish their indie-rock sound. Bass guitarist Steve Morris tells more:

How did you guys meet and was it love at first sight?

My brother Matt - who writes the songs, plays guitar and sings for the band - and I decided to start a band back in early 2006. We found ourselves being more and more drawn to music after getting into independent bands (well, at the time anyway) such as Biffy Clyro, Nada Surf and Fickle Public. The idea of being able to sustain a career playing music you love started to become more and more appealing to us, and after jamming in our parents house for a couple of months we decided to take things a step further and look for other musicians to make a full band. So, we placed an advert on a local music forum looking for a drummer. Luckily enough Ally got in touch right away, as he was looking to join a band after moving from Glasgow just months earlier. The three of us performed together for a little while, before adding Jamie to the line-up on guitar and vocals. There is definitely a lot of love between the four of us now! We are all very happy to playing together in Cast Of The Capital.

Can you describe Cast of the Capital in three words?

I can certainly try! Melodic. It is really important to us that each of our songs has a unique ‘feel’ to it. We have always liked tuneful music with interesting melodies, so it’s important to us to keep things exciting and fresh. Although a lot of our music is pretty chilled out, there are moments of rockiness throughout. But if you listen closely enough, there will always be a sneaky melodic guitar line in there somewhere. Secondly: Weird. I reckon we are all pretty weird people. I don’t really mean that in a typical kind of clichéd ‘weirdness’ though. We just all have a strange sense of humour. For example we have nicknames for each other that make no sense or have any relevance. I challenge any one to find them even remotely funny or interesting! Thirdly: Passionate. All four of us love writing, recording and touring in Cast Of The Capital. It is the only thing I could ever imagine doing. It would be fantastic to be fortunate enough to make a career out of the band. But we’ll see how that goes.

You're based in Aberdeen. Do you feel on the fringes of the Scottish music scene or do you feel welcomed by the likes of the Glasgow and Edinburgh music scenes?

I definitely feel part of the Scottish music scene. We are all Scottish and have grown up here. I wouldn’t say any of us are insanely patriotic, but we are definitely proud to say that we play in a Scottish rock band - especially at the moment, as there are so many great Scottish bands establishing themselves. In terms of feeling welcomed by cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, I would say definitely say ‘yes’! Each time we play a show in any one of these places, we are made to feel really welcome by promoters and gig goers. It is awesome to be invited to play our music around Scotland.

What is the favourite place you've played?

We have played great gigs in strange towns/cities, and bad gigs in lovely towns/cities, but I would have to say the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen. We played a first gig of 2010 there in February along with some other bands from Aberdeen. The whole event was a success and the venue itself is totally amazing - a real traditional music venue. If I had to decide on some other venues I would say The Tunnels or Snafu in Aberdeen, Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh, Bloc in Glasgow, Hootenannies in Inverness and Club Fandango in London. Also, Belladrum festival was an amazing experience. Lovely scenery and the whole event had such a great vibe.

Who would you count as your major influences and do you let them show in your music?

We listen to a lot of American indie bands such as The Shins, Death Cab For Cutie and Pinback. Although these bands are obviously pretty poppy and mainstream, they have great lyrics and I love all the guitar work. However, Scottish music has been so important and influential, with acts like Stapleton, Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit releasing such awesome records over the past couple of years.

Here's your chance to tell people why they should come check out one of your gigs. Go forth and persuade the people!

We will try our absolute best to put on a great show for you. We are always writing new material and playing it at gigs, and the chances are that every time you see us, there we will be a twist somewhere in the set. Copies of our EP will be on sale, as well as the occasional T-shirt being given away for free, although that doesn’t happen that much! Lastly, I have heard it being said that Matt’s ‘knee-dance’ needs to be seen to be believed.

PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline, Tue 16 March; Paisley Student Union, Paisley, Thu 18 March; Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Mon 22 March

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