Michael Dracula (4 stars)

Optimo, Sub club, Glasgow, Sun 1 Jul


After countless line-up changes and an absence for a year or so from playing live, Michael Dracula made a long overdue return to Glasgow with a tight set at the Sub Club’s Optimo. It was difficult to figure out just what the fuss was about at a recent outing at Sleazy’s: the vocals were so low in the mix that only the occasional flirtatious ‘Oooo’ could be discerned, with the throb and chug of the rhythm section reduced to plop and fug. But with the lead guitar turned up and Emily’s voice now audibly more confident, the wit and vim that characterised their releases on Ze Records came to the fore.

MD’s countrified dirty pop tunes come on like a cross between the growling sound of The Leather Boys and the whaling of a filthy-mouthed girl in the garage (possibly the best lyric ever written being: ‘I’d rather be a king in a cave than a c**t in a castle’). The band smiled throughout the performance, with the occasional ironic cry of ‘Not bad!’ from the crowd punctuating a selection of the best tracks from their new album In the Red.

(Alexander Kennedy)

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