Martin Taylor

The Hub, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Jul


Guitarist Martin Taylor led his recently-formed (and punningly-titled) Freternity band at the Glasgow Jazz Festival last month, but his concert at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival will feature him in what has become his signature format - solo guitar.

Martin is recognised across the world as one of the greatest virtuosos on his instrument in the current music scene. Jazz is his chosen medium, but his gift is recognised and admired by guitar fans, irrespective of genre affiliations.

He has taken the concept of solo guitar playing to a remarkable level, and his ability to conjure up simultaneous melody, harmony and bass on a single instrument has turned heads and exasperated aspiring guitarists the world over.

He has changed his playing position on stage to one resembling (but not identical to) the classical rather than jazz guitarist’s norm, but otherwise reckons his approach has matured rather than altered over the years.

‘I was always fascinated by the way that pianists could just sit there and play the whole thing, which seemed more difficult on guitar. It was very daunting at first, but as time has gone on I have become a lot freer with it, and I am able to put my ideas into practice more spontaneously in my solo improvising now. Originally I used to put arrangements together and improvise on them, but now I tend to set a lot of that aside and just see what happens.’

(Kenny Mathieson)

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