Mike Carey & Peter Gross - The Unwritten (4 stars)

Mike Carey & Peter Gross - The Unwritten


Obviously taking the boy wizard Harry Potter as its cultural and contextual inspiration, this new ongoing series from writer Mike Carey weaves a complex metafiction blurring the lines between fact and fantasy. In The Unwritten, Tommy Taylor is the star of a series of hugely popular fantasy novels written by one Wilson Taylor, whereas our protagonist Tom Taylor is the real life son and ‘inspiration’ for the titular character. However, characters from the books seem to be escaping into the real world …

Carey is a clever storyteller creating a new universe ruled by the power of the written word. Artist Peter Gross (who also worked with Carey on Sandman offshoot Lucifer) brings this rich world of literature to life, helping make what could be muddled and confused into a free flowing and wonderfully intelligent fable.

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