Exposure: Egyptian Hip Hop

Exposure: Egyptian Hip Hop

This teenage Mancunian quartet – singer Alex Hewett, guitarists Louis Miller and Nick Delap and drummer Alex Pierce – are at the forefront of the new wave of bands emerging from their city, but don’t expect a history lesson from them. Miller brings us back to the present.

You’re like a cross between Late of the Pier and early Factory Records. Fair?
Late of the Pier, definitely. And I listened to New Order and Joy Division a lot a couple of years ago, but I’ve kind of moved past it now. I think a lot of people in the city still cling to that musical past, though, and I wish they would move on too. I don’t think about the fact we’re from Manchester, and there are some great new bands here with that same mentality: Lost Knives, May68, Waiters …

Are you signed yet?
No, not yet. I don’t know if we’re planning to. It’s just that it feels like it’ll be so long until we’re ready to record an album, so there’s no rush at the moment.

Where does the name come from?
He came to us. Egyptian Hip Hop selected us, he came up with the whole concept and recruited us individually.

I see. This is a cover story, right?
Err, yeah. Yes it is. But how we got the name is really boring, honestly. Let’s just stick with the myth.

Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Fri 19 Mar; Death Disco at the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 20 Mar.

Egyptian Hip Hop

Manchester teens who decided to invent a fictitious genre and name themselves after it.

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