Family Festival


Gallery of Modern Art, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, Sat 21 July


Modern art is quite often seen as one of the least accessible styles, particularly for littler viewers who might be put off by anything that whiffs a bit of pretension. Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art is making sure that galleries are seen as welcoming and enjoyable with its Family Festival - a chance to enjoy the fun side of art. Activities include craft workshops, giant sculptures and a drumming performance. Banging away on a noisy drum next to an art gallery has got to be as far away from the stereotypes of hushed corridors and snobby attendants as a budding (and chattering) artist can get. There’s also a storytelling session to help kids understand the tales behind pictures and to offer a respite to creative paws. Alicia Watson, education and access curator, explains: ‘The day is free, open to all abilities with the emphasis on having fun and getting creative. We’d encourage parents to get involved and get arty.’

The gallery, which has a good track record of getting the next generation in, made headlines back in 2005 for asking local teenagers what they wanted to see exhibited, after hosting a show put together by local goth, rock and skater kids. The Family Festival is aiming at a younger age range, to make sure the future of art appreciation is safe in their chalk-covered hands. This is a chance for your potential Warhol or mini-Emin to get stuck in with artistic materials and come out with something to show for it; whether that’s a badge, a mask or just very grubby fingers and a smile on their face.

(Siân Bevan)

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