5 Rip-offs

  • The List
  • 18 March 2010
5 Things... Copy Cats?

A Vancouver restaurant-owner, a pair of Soviet fantasy writers and the makers of a 2008 animated fantasy-adventure movie starring Freddy Prinze Jr have all cried ‘rip-off’ so far. The List, having once had a blue cover, is currently lining up its lawsuit.

Ian McEwan
In 2006 there were similarities spotted between the hospital scenes of McEwan’s Atonement and octogenarian Lucilla Andrews’ 1977 autobiography, No Time For Romance. Andrews died that year. McEwan denies claims of copying.

Britpop stars Elastica were successfully sued by 70s post-punk outfit Wire over two alleged instances of copying on Elastica’s self-titled debut album. Most blatantly, the opening for the song ‘Connection’ appears to be lifted from Wire’s ‘Three Girl Rhumba’.

The Lion King
Disney have denied similarities between the 1994 movie and Japanese cartoonist Osamu Tezuka’s 1950s anime series Kimba the White Lion. However the Kimba/Simba connection and the shared shaman monkeys and evil hyenas have all been cited by the Disney critics.

Daft Punk
Almost all of the hits of Daft Punk’s 2001 album Discovery were re-edits of old songs. Notably Edwin Birdsong’s ‘Cola Bottle Baby’ and George Duke’s ‘I Love You More’ were used almost unchanged. A rip-off or an example of brilliant recycling?

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