Reasons why Glasgow is brilliant (and Edinburgh is baws)

  • 17 March 2010
Reasons why Glasgow is brilliant (and Edinburgh is baws)

So, Glasgow's better than Edinburgh, right? Better clubbing, better music, better shopping, cheaper travel. Why would you ever want to get on the train to Waverley? We want to hear your reasons why Glasgow is miles ahead of its neighbour. Remember, Edinburgh will have its own arguments for why it's better than Glasgow, so don't pull any punches. The gloves are off.

Why do you love Glasgow? Add your reasons to the comment thread below. The best ones will be featured in the Glasgow vs Edinburgh issue of The List, coming out on 31 March. The very best reason will win two free tickets to any April gig of your choice at the O2 ABC Glasgow or O2 Academy Glasgow. Then another night you can take a more laid back approach to your evening with a complimentary two course meal for two at the delightful Tron Bar and Kitchen followed by a viewing of the highly anticipated Ian Dury inspired piece of musical theatre that is Raspberry at The Tron theatre.

Get commenting.


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2. Donna M17 Mar 2010, 1:30pm Report

The old adage says that there's more fun to be had at a Glasgow stabbing than at an Edinburgh wedding. That tells you a lot about both places. I would like to add that I have been to an Edinburgh wedding and I had a whale of a time. I’m unable to vouch for the fun factor at a Glasgow stabbing. Perhaps my invitation got lost in the post.

Glasgow drunks are funnier than Edinburgh drunks. If you get stuck next to one on a Glasgow bus, he’ll be more likely to sing you a Frank Sinatra favourite (My Way is the chosen anthem amongst Glasgow drunks – “Hand na-ow, the hend is ne-ah”) than anything else. I have been treated to a rendition of this on a bus by a Glasgow drunk whose false teeth didn't fit. He had a perfect, but very ill fitting, set of top dentures and two yellow bottom teeth - and I don't mean two yellow teeth in an otherwise perfect set. That's all he had - two yellow bottom teeth. And his top set moved independently - almost shooting out on occasion, only to be sucked back in again. It was like watching a badly dubbed Hungarian film. An Edinburgh drunk might treat you to an aria from Wagner's Ring Cycle.

Edinburgh likes to see itself as the cultured city, which is why they have a month long festival of theatre, comedy, dance, books, film etc in August, just to prove it. In Glasgow the equivalent is a drunk bloke peeing in the alleyway behind where I work (I jest, of course, Glasgow has great festivals and culture. I recently went to a great performance at the Citizens - one of Glasgow's excellent small theatres. That there was a drunk bloke peeing in the car park when we came out did not spoil my enjoyment one jot.)

I've always been baffled by the idea of spitting on the Heart of Midlothian, and that it's good luck to do so. I once took a friend through to Edinburgh and she decided to spit on it for good luck. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good luck for her, as the wind was blowing quite strongly and, well, to be frank, she didn’t check the wind direction very carefully and she ended up with a faceful of spit – only some of which was her own. In Glasgow, we're lucky, we don’t have a special place to spit, people just do it wherever they like. I suppose that’s another cultural divide between the two cities.

I love both places, and anyone who visits me gets shown round both places. But Glasgow is where I live and I wouldn't live anywhere else. Except Fiji. Or San Francisco.

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5. Donna M18 Mar 2010, 1:24pm Report

No need to be embarrassed for me Stonesthrower - I enjoy having a sense of humour. Let's face it - this is not a serious competition between Glasgow and Edinburgh, what would be the point of that? Both have great culture, excellent restaurants, theatres, music venues, bars, shopping etc etc. I enjoy both, and both have their positives and negatives. Lighten up.

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7. Danni23 Mar 2010, 3:27pm Report

Lived in both, Loved both. Yet I have to decide... hmmm... Difficult as Edinburgh has the beautiful streets (Glasgow has some), great restaurants (wait... so does Glasgow), bars (Glasgow has more), fair enough Edinburgh has IJ Mellis (G too, G too!) oooch!
How about Glasgow- cause it has me?

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