Drew Barrymore shuns surgery

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  • 15 March 2010
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore shuns surgery

Actress Drew Barrymore would rather ''look like a basset hound'' than undergo cosmetic surgery

Drew Barrymore would rather "look like a basset hound" than have surgery.

The 'Whip It' director said she wouldn't go under the knife as she is more interested in watching her body change as she grows older.

Drew, 35, said: "F**k surgery! I'm so curious as to what's going to happen naturally that I can't imagine wanting to alter things just yet.

"And to all those women putting botulism in their faces - we don't know what the long-term effects are, so stop! I'd rather look like a basset hound than do that to my face!'

The US actress - who shot to fame at the age of seven when she starred in 'E.T' - also told how 'Whip It', her directorial debut - about a teenager who loves Roller Derbys but is pushed into beauty pageants by her parent - closely reflects her relationship with her own mother.

Drew added: "I tried to create the kind of relationship that I would have wanted with my own mother. In the film, the mother is really into pageants, while the daughter hates them, and I understood that dynamic.

"My own mum cared about Hollywood and I didn't. A lot of the pain in the relationship between the mother and daughter came from my own experiences, and sections of their dialogue are verbatim conversations that took place between me and my mum."

'Whip It' is released in Europe from April 7.

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