Goldfrapp - Head First (3 stars)

Goldfrapp - Head First


Today’s pop charts may be awash with female vocalists and 80s synth-pop, but a decade ago, our prevailing sounds were bloke rock (David Gray) and maudlin MOR (Eva Cassidy). It was onto this bland, unsuspecting landscape that electro-pop siren Alison Goldfrapp and her wizard sidekick Will Gregory blazed. They musically and visually transformed the likes of Madonna and Kylie, while paving the way for Girls Aloud and myriad chanteuses hence.

Head First, Goldfrapp’s exultant fifth album, sees the virtuosic UK deuce embrace 80s blockbusters (Top Gun, Flashdance), and euphoric synth-bombast (Abba, ELO, The Pointer Sisters), to buoyant – if not mindblowing – effect.

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