Karen Bayley



Who’s she then? The lovely Ms Bayley is a favourite on the circuit, particularly in her own clubs in Sutton Coldfield and Solihull. She’s up here to preview her show The More You Pee, the Less you Cry.

Peeing and crying? She sounds like a miserable git Well, the idea for the show followed a bout of meningitis, which resulted in her being taken to hospital by best mate Alan Carr (regaled in a Dolly Parton T-shirt, just to help matters). She can’t be that miserable if she can laugh after a serious brain disease, eh?

Hmm . . . I’m not sure . . . Well, it’s part of the Free Festival, so it’ll cost you n’owt and at least you can go in for the shelter. She’s on straight after the acclaimed Chris McCausland, previewing his show Planes Trains and Shameful Ordeals.

What else is she up to? She’s also appearing in The Guid Sisters, a lovely, funny play at Ego during the Fringe. It’ll be testing her ability to go all Scottish, which has got to be worth a laugh. The ever-loyal Carr will be doing a guest spot one night as a mad old woman in a wheelchair. Funny girl, but she sounds bloody hard work as a friend.

(Siân Bevan)

Laughing Horse @ Linsay’s 20 & 21 July, 7.30pm. Free.

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