The Sub Club is due to welcome the unique dubstep sounds of Ikonika next month. After a hitch with a different venue last year, Ballers Social Club had her perform in someone’s flat. Not that it seems to have put her off coming back to Glasgow: ‘Although radiators broke and neighbours complained, it was just pure vibes,’ Ikonika recalls. ‘There must have been over 100 people in that flat.’

With many dubstep producers either going all aggro or desperately following the Bristol sound of the likes of Joker, it is refreshing to hear Ikonika’s distinctive music. Bleeps reminiscent of early Warp Records combine with synth melodies more intricate and experimental than that of a good deal of her peers. Hailing from London, Ikonika found success with a number of releases on Hyperdub and a remix of DJ Majuva’s ‘Township Funk’. She chose not to officially release what has turned out to be one her most popular tunes, ‘Phonelines VIP’; an indication of the producer’s exacting standards, while her debut album Contact, Love, Want, Have is out on the 6th April on Hyperdub Records.

‘I guess with the album I wanted my sound to be a little more grounded but still be a continuation from my past singles,’ Ikonika explains. ‘It’s definitely a debut piece, an introduction, it will make you cry and dance. There’s not enough people that know about Ikonika or Hyperdub, so we really wanna expand.’ And what should we expect from an Ikonika DJ set? ‘Pressure, warmth, melody and bass,’ is her reply.

The Sub Club, Glasgow, Thu 1 Apr. This event has been CANCELLED

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