Sean Lock lines up Kings Theatre date

Sean Lock lines up Kings Theatre date

You may recently have been amused by the utterances of comic Sean Lock on Twitter where he’s been testing out his latest surrealist one-liners onto the digital public. But maybe you shouldn’t have been. ‘It’s not me,’ he counters, almost appalled at the notion. ‘We did an 8 Out of 10 Cats special based around digital stuff and Jimmy Carr read out some of the jokes. I said it was material that would be binned, not up to my standard, and they were saying, “No, it is Sean, it’s pretty good”. My agents, the powerful Off the Kerb, asked if I wanted it stopped, in a sinister Mafia-type way, but I suppose where’s the harm? If he started saying, “I went out last night and scored some crack” then maybe that would be a problem.’

Now that the real Sean Lock has stood up, what can we expect from Lockipedia (his Glasgow appearance will be added to with a week-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe and more Scottish dates in the autumn)? ‘At the end of the first and second half, I play audience battleships. I go “D16” or something and whoever is in that seat gives me a word beginning with D and I go to my Lockipedia book that’s got loads of jokes, ideas and half baked-nonsense and I see what I’ve got. You’ll get smart arses in who for X would say “Xerxes the Great, the Persian Emperor of 400 AD”. Obviously I don’t have a lot on him, but it just gets people involved in the show.’

And despite not being a tweeter, does the title of Lock’s set suggest an appetite for knowledge gleaned from the technological tools at our disposal? ‘I’m of an age that the internet is not the first thing I think of when I want to find something out. People in their 20s find stuff out a lot quicker than me but I’m not trained in that way to use it. Lockipedia sort of rhymed a bit, and there’s an element of randomness in there, but let’s put it this way, if Wikipedia come to the show, I don’t think they’ll be suing.’

Kings Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 23 Mar

Sean Lock

The mighty Sean Lock reveals his knowledge in 'Lockipedia'. 'Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival'.

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