The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes

‘I think one of the most rock’n’roll things ever done was landing on the moon,’ muses vocalist Olga Goreas of celestial pop voyagers The Besnard Lakes. ‘It was the end to a great decade that produced more than just amazing music and art: it was a mindset. I’m not saying there haven’t been zeitgeisty moments of brilliance since, but what happened during the 60s – it was just out of the ordinary.’

The Besnard Lakes are out of the ordinary. The Canadians’ spacious, interplanetary alt.rock has reaped legion devotees, and little wonder: their hazy variations on The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Black Mountain and Fleetwood Mac – as currently evinced on bombastic third album Are the Roaring Night (Jagjaguwar) – are magnetising.

Fronted by the conjugal union of Goreas and co-songwriter/vocalist Jace Lasek, The Besnard Lakes presently operate as a colossal dream-pop four-piece, whose instrumentation spans all the rock standards plus mellotron, woodwind, omnichord and 12-string guitar. ‘Yeah there’ll be quite a bit of ground to cover when we play,’ Goreas ponders, à propos their roving stage plan. ‘Bring it on!’

Are they looking forward to returning to Glasgow, following an interstellar gig here three years ago?

‘That was the night we almost lost our drummer Kevin! He has family in Scotland and he went out on the town after the show and – well, let’s just say we had some nail-biting moments trying to get him back,’ she laughs. ‘You almost took him from us! Please don’t do that again.’

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sun 28 Mar 2010


The Besnard Lakes and Sweet Jane

Like Arcade Fire, The Besnard Lakes comprise a husband and wife team from Montreal though their sound is more ethereal.

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