The Unwinding Hours (4 stars)

The Unwinding Hours

Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 5 March 2010

The pin-drop silence that fell on Stereo at points during this first ever headline show by The Unwinding Hours – the new venture from Craig B. and Iain Cook, formerly of the much-revered Aereogramme – reflected the stock of goodwill the pair amassed with their previous band. That, plus the fact that they’ve penned a clutch of songs every bit the equal of Aereogramme’s best moments.

It’s not clear yet whether TUH is a pressure-free exercise in pleasing themselves from Cook and B., or a serious attempt to make up for the inability of Aereogramme – a band with a tendency as much towards awkwardness as brilliance – to reach much in the way of a commercial zenith. Certainly you can imagine the likes of raw, twinkling ballad ‘Solstice’ and almighty quiet-loud slow-burner ‘Knut’ bringing this band to a wide audience. They typified an approach to songwriting more earnest of lyrics and more direct of hooks this time out.

TUH reached back into their past at the end by closing with an obscure Aereogramme B-side, ‘The Art of Belief’. But the fact it paled in comparison to the new songs suggests this project has every reason to remain facing resolutely forwards.

The Unwinding Hours

The Unwinding Hours feature ex-Aereogramme members Craig B and Iain Cook in more reflective yet still powerful mode.

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