Autechre - Oversteps (4 stars)

Autechre - Oversteps


Manchester duo Autechre haven’t so much been breaking boundaries for the last two decades as searching for them, like two astronauts blasting off into space, charged with finding the edge of the universe. Oversteps, their tenth album, isn’t it. But it’s pretty out there.

Hard to explain but easy to love, this record is a tapestry of instrumental electronic abstractions which feed on the imagination. ‘r ess’ is a nocturnal macabre, ‘qplay’ and ‘d-sho qub’ the soundtracks to a particularly sinister Anime, ‘os veix3’ a symphony of machinery run by malfunctioning software. The accessibility of this record, as always with Autechre, depends on the ability of the listener to match their own images and emotions to the sounds being made.

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