Erick Morillo


Name: Erick Morillo

Occupation: New York-based polymath of popular house styles; DJ; producer; label owner; allegedly one of the world’s top five (highest-paid) DJs.

Background: Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, Morillo was brought up amidst a culture of Latin and reggae styles. He started out playing teenage gigs, weddings and family parties, and his decision to study studio engineering in New York eventually led him towards his big break, recording the 1992 house pressing ‘Ride on the Rhythm’ with Masters at Work, ‘Little’ Louis Vega (whom he considers his mentor) and Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez.

He liked to move it, move it He sure does, particularly when it makes him a millionaire. After getting himself onto the books of Strictly Rhythm, Morillo - under his alias Reel 2 Real - released the worldwide hit ‘I Like to Move It’. It was a huge commercial success, and that’s precisely the reason (well, that and the fact it was just a tiny bit annoying) Morillo’s name drifted quickly away from the more rarefied realms of the underground.

How did he get from there to here? In 1996, desperate to make up for a lot of the credibility that Reel 2 Real had lost him, Morillo quit Strictly Rhythm and set up his own Subliminal label alongside Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero and Jose Nunez. Merging a more underground - but still popular - house style with soulful vocal elements and even bits of Morillo’s early Latin love, the label has met with success and awards ever since. As a DJ Morillo is a big attraction around the globe, from Ibiza to Miami, and as a producer he’s remixed such big names as Basement Jaxx, Whitney Houston and Macy Gray.

(David Pollock)

Erick Morillo plays the Ocean Terminal Summer Party, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Jul.

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