Wooden Shjips - Vol 2 (4 stars)

Wooden Shjips - Vol 2

(Sick Thirst / Forte)

San Fran freak-rockers Wooden Shjips are hoary proponents of minimal fuzz-rock, loaded kraut-pop and sun-blitzed psychedelia. Summoning a lost weekend with Hawkwind, Neu!, Loop, Suicide and The Doors, the tranced-out four-piece have pulled another blinder on this second compilation of hard-to-find singles and vintage covers (Neil Young, Serge Gainsbourg) – following the shockingly entitled Vol. 1.

Their fried guitars, hypnotic bass, half-bombed vocals and organ haze are clearly in thrall to an acid-blasted rendition of the late 60s, yet Wooden Shjips are no casual nostalgists: their progressive jams exhibit a futuristic – if fazed-out – take on rock’n’roll.

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