The Loft, Glasgow, Sat 28 Jul


After settling in nicely to their new home at The Loft, Deathkill4000 are gearing up for the third visit of their beloved kindred spirit Smatka - a lady who could easily be the bastard child of Diamanda Galas, Eartha Kitt and The Brothers Grimm. Her sound is a beautifully contradictory mix of electronic pop music with a darker, dubby edge that will have you working up a sweat on the dance floor in seconds.

Dirty Marc, one half of Deathkill4000’s DJ team (along with Fifi Chops) reveals their decision to have the lady back for her third appearance. ‘First and foremost, because she delivers the goods as a Deathkill4000 live guest; ie we like her music and feel that she performs it with flair to the extent that we are duty-bound to share her magic with as many people as we can,’ he says.

And exactly what type of magic can you expect? Dirty Marc elaborates: ‘The first time she played Deathkill she tackled a male audience member to the floor and tried to shave his genital area (he resisted but I saw her successfully complete this gambit at Olum in Edinburgh not long after). She’s moved away from forced grooming as part of her act these days, though she maintained the audience danger level at her last show for us with a fire-breather belching flame to herald her presence. No stranger to danger herself, she also climbed a 10ft ladder in stilettos, all the while crooning beautifully like a German Shirley Bassey on heat.’

(Sandra Marron)

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