Devil Disco Club

Devil Disco Club

A night which combines all that’s best about Edinburgh’s recent clubbing history and its current, vibrant incarnation, Devil Disco Club is described by its co-promoter Hobbes as ‘the new Trouble’. Not so much a virgin night as a rethought, re-energised version of the residency he and Erik d’Viking have held down at the Jazz Bar on Chambers Street and then Cabaret Voltaire over the last eight years.

‘Devil Disco Club is more streamlined than the Trouble of old,’ says Hobbes, ‘with less hip hop and broken beat, and more disco, house and electro-funk.’ Originally conceived as an equal-billing collaboration between himself, Erik, Nick Yuill and Kris Wasabi of the excellent Wasabi Disco at Sneaky Pete’s, the departure of Yuill and Kris’ current travelling sabbatical from the Edinburgh scene have meant that reinforcements are required. So Simonotron of the GRV’s Club For Heroes has been drafted in as a permanent replacement, while Giles Walker of Mixtape at Aberdeen’s Snafu will be guesting for this night only, alongside live band Nevada Base.

‘Basically, we want to emulate the spirit of classic nights from years gone by,’ says Hobbes, ‘from legendary names like The Loft and Paradise Garage to local favourites like Optimo and Ultragroove.’ For the first time in a while Edinburgh has the DJing talent to realise that, and DDC’s main selling point is that it pulls them all together in one room. Not that Trouble is completely dead, mind you. Keep your ear to the ground for a word-of-mouth eighth birthday special in the city over the next couple of months.

Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 26 Mar.

Devil Disco Club

No wave, vintage disco, electro funk, proto house and New York classics from the Trouble DJs and Giles Walker.


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