Departure Lounge

The Caves, Edinburgh, Fri 20 Jul

Too many clubs assume one style of music will keep you entertained. Fair enough if you crave a night of heads-down techno or hands-in-the-air house, but sometimes you want a more expansive night that grabs any music, whatever the genre, as long as it's quality.

'It's really hard to classify Departure Lounge. We play house, jazz, Latin, drum & bass, Brazilian, hip hop, Afrobeat. I think what sets us apart from lots of other clubs is that we play all these things in one night,' explains promoter/DJ Chris Knight (AKA Astroboy). 'It's so hard to isolate one kind of music when you listen to all these genres, as a lot of their origins are Latin and Afro-American.'

They set up home in one of Edinburgh's most unique venues, The Caves, a good two or three years before any other nights populated the subterranean lair. They've always focused on good music and live acts. And for this fourth birthday they haven't let the side down. Headlining is Philadelphia native DJ Junior. 'He represents our philosophy of not necessarily booking the biggest names but booking people we know are doing a great job promoting the music we love in other parts of the world,' says Knight.

Then there are live acts Sidewinder ('We just wanted a quality live band who'd rock the party') and Bristol Branch, an Orkestra del Sol side project mixing Cajun and calypso with humour. 'Just expect lots of dancing, our trademark musical diversity and a few surprises,' laughs Knight.

(Henry Northmore)

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