Second best Matt Damon

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  • 8 March 2010
Matt Damon

Second best Matt Damon

Matt Damon claims he is always second choice for his movies and is always viewed as a 'supporting' actor

Matt Damon thinks he is only offered roles Brad Pitt turns down.

The 'Green Zone' actor - who appeared alongside Brad and George Clooney in the 'Ocean's' series of movies - insists his success comes from "piggybacking" his co-stars and doesn't believe directors ever want to choose him first.

He said: "I think the roles go to Brad first. Which is fine.

"Ask anybody on the street which actors starred in the 'Ocean's' movies, and they'll tell you it was George and Brad. I'm 'support' in 'Ocean's'. As I was in 'Saving Private Ryan' — Tom Hanks carried that movie. You could accuse me of piggybacking on other people's brilliance more than anything."

The 'Bourne Identity' star also dreams of starring in a comedy, but believes they are the hardest films to pull off successfully.

He explained: "I'd love to end up in a movie like The Hangover, but I think it's just really hard to make a good comedy. To sustain a whole movie? That's really, really tough to do, and that's why there are so few great comedies. I mean, there are good comedies made every year, but they definitely have not come my way"

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