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Sandra Marron checks out yet another quality independent club venue, as the Flying Duck opens for business in Glasgow

The Flying Duck is the type of club you will be hard pushed to find anywhere else in our fair city. Formerly the Apollo and housed rather inconspicuously in the basement of a tenement house on Renfield Street, Glasgow’s newest independent club space is a breath of fresh air.

It’s boldly low-fi and low-key with a homely familiarity that’s a cross between an old man’s pub and your best mate’s house. Coronation Street’s Hilda Ogden would be beaming with pride as the name itself refers to the wonderful old-school flying ducks that adorned her walls for years.

Craig Tannock, the man behind the venue elaborates. ‘It’s such a British 20th century domestic icon. It doesn’t sound like a nightclub and when you hear a name like that, nobody could be fooled into thinking that we are taking ourselves too seriously’, he says. On the contrary, if you are looking for the more serious end of clubbing in general, like big name DJs, flashing lights and everyone facing the one direction, then look away now. Tannock’s view is refreshingly different. ‘Essentially we are trying to create an atmosphere where you will feel like you have ended up back at somebody’s house after the pub for a party rather than being out at a nightclub, so the whole place has quite a domestic feel. It’s somewhere you can relax and be yourself. You don’t have to be anything or be a certain way, you can come and relax and enjoy yourself,’ he says.

The decor itself has to be seen to be believed. On entering the ‘close’, you then travel down the stairs into the hallway of the tenement, through to the house-inspired decor of each of the rooms and then you land in ‘the jewel in the crown’, the kitchen. Jona Lewie’s classic song ‘You Will Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties’ would go down a storm here as you are greeted by a space that looks exactly like a tenement kitchen, where the music is quiet and you can sit and have a chat. And if that isn’t enough, at 1.30am every night, fresh toast is handed out to all patrons who fancy a wee nibble before the journey home. Already there is a strong roster of nights booked to entertain the house guests including The Buzzard with Rob Churm of Park Attack and Knox Om Pax playing a total mix of tunes; All Tore Up’s Neil playing vintage rock’n’roll; the Dolly Mixture ladies with their mix of electro and rock; Vic Strapon’s Into the Night where you can hear a mix of electro, new wave and punk; Poptones with Ian Beard. Also Madame S will be hosting Our House, a Glasgow house party with surprise guests and maybe a game of twister; Patricia and Roxanne from The Royal We will be spinning their tunes of choice; the Dirty Hospital boys will be hosting a night of electronic greatness and Jumble Sale Sound System will be providing the jazz for all the cats each and every Sunday.

Tannock says he is ‘trying to get away from the club DJ sort of thing, more the vibe that it’s people playing records that you can dance to. We are encouraging DJs to be more eclectic in their sets, to relax a bit and maybe not be so precious.’

The Flying Duck’s Official Opening Party takes place on Fri 27 Jul, The Flying Duck, Glasgow.


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