Christian Bale's sister facing bankruptcy

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  • 3 March 2010
Christian Bale

Christian Bale's sister facing bankruptcy

Christian Bale's sister Sharon filed for bankruptcy yesterday (02.03.10) but is unlikely to receive any help from her brother because of a bitter family feud

Christian Bale's sister filed for bankruptcy yesterday (02.03.10).

The 'Dark Knight' star - whose family had him arrested in July 2008 on assault charges after an incident at London's Dorchester hotel - is unlikely to offer his sister Sharon any of his £30 million fortune, despite the charges later being dropped, because they have not spoken since.

His sister Sharon, 42, faced the bankruptcy hearing at Bournemouth County Court, and is in the precarious financial situation because of a number of disastrous property investments.

She said: "Christian doesn't know about the bankruptcy. I wouldn't expect him to help. We don't speak anymore. It's totally his decision and it makes us all very sad. I started my own property investment company and made some mistakes."

Christian's 61-year-old mother Jenny - whose daughter now faces the possibility of losing her home - revealed they not had any contact with Christian for the past year.

She said: "Sharon is in a pretty dire situation and has always tried her hardest to support her family. We don't have Christian's current number and he doesn't know anything about what's happening."

Speaking of the incident which led to the family feud - where Christian was questioned for four hours and required to supply his fingerprints, DNA saliva sample and a photograph - Sharon told The Sun newspaper: "I had an argument with him because he was totally out of order in front of my children. I'd had enough of the violent behaviour. It flared up into a ridiculous thing and he has not spoken to us since. I regret going to the police."

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