Glasgow T-shirt designer Thomas Wilson

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  • 4 March 2010
Glasgow T-shirt designer Thomas Wilson

If fortune does favour the brave, then 2010 might just be T-shirt designer and newbie Glasgow entrepreneur Thomas Wilson’s year

‘Studying Fashion Design at Cardonald College in Glasgow for three years had sapped my passion for fashion, until I started Fortune Favours The Brave. I work in a kiltmakers [by day] and watched T-shirts being sold in abundance, so I decided to give myself and fashion another chance. For years I really wanted to start working for myself, but it was never really the right time or something else would give me an excuse not to.

Designing T-shirts was initially a starting block, and I started the majority of the T-shirt designs based on Scottish and Glaswegian humour. On doing some research it was obvious that most of the Scottish based T-shirts in tourist and kilt shops were still stuck with the tacky ‘biscuit tin’ image of Scotland.

‘My main aim is to make T-shirts that people, whether they are 16 or 60, look at and see the subtle jokes behind. I mainly want folk to look at the T-shirts, laugh, and like it enough to buy it, and make others smile too.’

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