The fashion trends coming your way in 2010

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  • 4 March 2010
The fashion trends coming your way in 2010

As London and New York catwalks roll out the good, the bad and the strange, we bring you some of the looks – and the look-the-other-ways – for the coming season

Knee high socks
Yeah, yeah we know: you aren’t five anymore and the pigtails are long gone, but work with us here people. We’re not talking your bog-standard woollen knit here, this is all about the sporty or the sparkly. Think school jock meets prom princess. In fact better still think Alicia Silverstone circa Clueless. You there yet? Yep, us neither …

The boy blazer
Oh how we love thee. Never far from the must-have list, this year sees the tailored look out and the baggy ‘I borrowed his’ back in. Wear with jeans, over a dress. Any look is a good look. If you don’t have said boy to pilfer from, or said boy is not so fashion forward, Godiva, Armstrong’s and Saratoga Trunk always have great blazers going begging.

The bodysuit
Here at List Towers we’re the first to admit that these 90s bad boys were never the most comfortable of fashions what with all that poppers-at-the-crotch business, but effectively they were like a wee touch of Spanx before the world’s greatest invention ever got a look-in. Keep ‘em peeled for Bebaroque’s new range; if their tights are anything to go by, their body range should be flying of the shelves and into your wardrobes in no time.

Cycling shorts
Yes really. There are no words, so we’re simply moving on. For the braver aficionado: the leather hot pant. Think a more chillaxed, less gold Kylie in that video.

Kitten heels
Forget their propensity for getting stuck in cobbles and pavements, kitten heels, aka the flat shoe with a kiddie heel are back, and this time it’s with a vengeance. Where Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs have laid the groundwork with their latest innovations, the independents are sure to follow.

Mostly on the lips, orange is swiftly nudging its old school letterbox red sibling off the front pages. Sexy, sultry and on the money, no self respecting fashionista should be seen without it. The same goes for grey nail varnish. Yes, grey. Trust us. Red is so last season.

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