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  • 16 July 2007


• James Lee Burke - Pegasus Descending The daughter of Detective Dave Robicheaux’s dead best friend is going off the rails and he is keen to save her. Especially when she starts behaving similarly to another girl who recently committed suicide. Phoenix.

• Denise Mina - The Dead Hour The current queen of Scottish crime gives us a chance to revisit this corker about family, religion, drugs and morality. Bantam.

• Vena Cork - Green Eye At Billings College Cambridge, life seems idyllic until a rapist goes on the loose with terror, chaos and murder getting slapped onto the curriculum. Headline.

• Stella Duffy - Mouths of Babes A fresh Saz Martin mystery in which she is unable to settle into her new role as a mum when a mystery caller arrives forcing her to relive events she’d prefer to keep in the past. Serpent’s Tail.

• Qiu Xiaolong - When Red is Black Quite probably the most enigmatic title of the month. In this third in the Inspector Chen series clues start to dry up after a writer is murdered in her study. Sceptre.

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